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Zombies have invaded the earth but there is still hope ... You are the hope ... Gather survivors, create a survival camp, produce resources, weapons ... unlock technologies ... and when you will feel ready ... exodus to another bigger place to build your community in this world of zombies.

but beware, hunger, thirst, disease, inattention and rebellion kills as well as zombies

Resources will have to be well managed so as not to lack anything. Currently there is food, water, ammunition, fatigue, construction resources divided into two groups (construction materials and equipment materials).

everything can be found or crafted in the map-World, but at the beginning ... no!
At the beginning it will be necessary to compose with the rest of the national army which will be able to send you the material ... it will be necessary to arrive at the recovered one ^^.
the equipment of your original faction (national army) can be purchased with command points (CMP).

build your shelter with several rooms (Armory, dormitory, cultivation room, Office, research room, ...) divided into two categories (military and civilians)
Currently only one "small" size map (102 rooms)

In this game there is no room for boredom and each day of survival is a great reward after intense activity because in this game, You are in control and you will have to keep everything under control!


I hate fully automated games ... what's the point of playing?

"a job well done is a job done by yourself!"

you are the boss of your game ... you click, you select ... and we obey you.

victory requires sweat

so ? are you ready for Zombi world?

# it is planned to add new civil and military room
# new characters (zombie / civilians / militaries)
# electricity management.
# created the exploration / expedition part.
# created a civil management menu
# created own clan management menu.
# it is planned to obtain missions from the command
# review sound and graphics.

that's it for the first finish line. know that currently I am the only one working on the project

Game Manual : here (English/French)


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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